Setting the Scene for Future Tenants

Attention Property Managers, Commercial Leasing Companies and HOAs – FirstLight can make your job easier!

As a company with a sole focus on exterior lighting, FirstLight proves an ideal partner to high-end apartment complex managers and developers, leasing companies for office buildings and strip centers, and HOAs for local communities. We can help increase property value, improve tenant morale, decrease incidents, increase longevity, and increase security.

Why is Landscape Lighting Right for You? FirstLight Can Help You:

Beautify Your Property

Attract New Tenants, Residents and Customers

Enhance the Sense of Security

Make your Job Easier with Spectacular Customer Service

Quick Call Service Team Maintenance Program

Give Residents a Neighborhood they Love

FirstLight’s team of certified lighting professionals can design a plan and install everything from monument sign lights to lights that showcase your trees – augmenting the property’s beautification factor. We can also design your nightscapes from a security standpoint, so the area around your office building or strip center is lit well.

Even better – our AlwaysLit Maintenance Program is open to our Commercial clients, ensuring that your property is always lit with a quick call to our service team. That’s one less thing you have to worry about – FirstLight’s got your back!

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