Maintenance Program

Accidents Happen

Ever wonder what happens when your landscaper cuts your lighting wires? Curious to know what to do when the kids bust a light during a game of backyard soccer?


Just because FirstLight has designed and installed a nightscape for which you can be proud doesn’t mean the relationship is over! Whereas most lighting companies are gone as soon as the job is finished and moving on to their next project, FirstLight is just getting started. We have revolutionized the way lighting is done and we stand behind our work.  We understand that accidents can happen, and the occasional maintenance call may be required. Which is why we created our industry-leading maintenance program, AlwaysLIt. For a nominal fee of just $20 each month, you have the peace of mind knowing that your home will always be lit, no matter what. What does that mean? The FirstLight AlwaysLit Lighting and Audio Maintenance Program covers virtually anything you can imagine. From a landscaper nicking your line with an edger, wildlife nibbling through the wire, backing over a light with your vehicle, or a storm unexpectedly damaging your outdoor lighting and audio systems, you're covered!

Industry averages reveal that most families will have at least two of these situations happen within the first year of ownership of their landscape lighting. With any other company and without a maintenance plan, any of these scenarios could result in costly site visits. Some companies may charge as much as $200 – $300 per site visit, and that cost does not include the repair. However, with AlwaysLit, you will only pay $50 per site visit plus wholesale cost of any replacement lighting fixtures.  In addition, with AlwaysLit, we will come out once a year, upon request, to calibrate your system and adjust your fixtures to account for growth in trees and shrubbery (and kids’ soccer balls knocking you out of alignment) at no additional charge. 

Finally! A Maintenance Program with Real Value!
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